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Jessica Padilla Bowen, Carlsbad City Library
Writing It Down with Carlsbad City Library

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The Voice America Network
Guest directory: Detroit native Erica Miner

starstyle Cynthia Brian with Erica Miner
Erica Miner, author of Travels with My Lovers and FourEver Friends

Motown Writers Network/Michigan Literary Network
Michigan author Erica Miner talks FourEver Friends

PIVR Interview with Erica Miner
Lillian Cauldwell talks about Erica's books Radio Interview
Love Forgives

* The quote, "Mystery doesn't get ANY better than this!!!! Buy it ASAP!" is by Amy Lignor,

Erica is available for interviews in all media categories. Contact her to make arrangements.



"Great interview, Erica. As a journaler and former anxious teen, I could really relate to it."
Stuart Ellison, author

"Re Authors Talk Show...Just was on the website. You sound so articulate...and, of course, I’m not at all surprised!"
Rena Panush, opera singer


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