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1. Why did you write FourEver Friends?
2. What is so unique about the friendships in the book?
3. Why do you think so many women will identify with the book?
4. What was the inspiration for the book?
5. Why do you find journaling so inspiring for your writing?
6. Why do you believe journaling is such a powerful tool?
7. Why is journaling especially valuable for writers?
8. How would you describe the process of turning your own book into a screenplay?
9. What does it take to plan and execute a great book launch party?
10. How would you encourage other women writers?


Power of Journaling, Article #9
Power of Journaling - Exercise

The Power of Journaling - Article 8 in a Series
Some of my favorite journaling methods

The Power of Journaling - Article 6 (part one) in a Series
Today let's talk about equipment

The Power of Journaling: Part 4
This month, let’s talk about writing a book.


"" FourEver Friends struck me as a accurate depiction of the times and juvenile mindset... a trip down memory lane. Also nice to have the feminine perspective.""
Gary Gretencort

""Thanks so much for an enjoyable book. The story was easy, fun, and all that I remember of being a teenager.""
Suzy Cunningham

"Erica, I am one of ten children from a Catholic family, we Baby Boomered with the best of them. I love your articles!"
Christopher Patton, reader

"What a fun romp through your early musical ladyhood! So many loves, along with that old brown wooden one (i.e. violin) - I gobbled up 'Four' like a perfectly cooked turkey...(even tho I'm vegetarian...)"
Frances-Marie Uitti, cellist

"I feel as though I know a young girl's heart."
Robert W. Richard, writer

"Just wanted to let you know how much fun it was to read Fourever Friends. I enjoyed it very much. I remember similar situations at that age, even though in a very different place. You really have a great way with words."
Susanne Hayase, reader

"Nothing is as fun as FourEver Friends!"
Wendy Allyn, actor, L.A.

"I've just finished FourEver Friends and enjoyed it. I feel as though I know (the author) as a young girl (and) that I know a young girl's heart."
Robert W. Richard, author

"I really enjoyed it! It transported me back to high school (I went to an arts high school in LA so there were some similarities) and it reminded me of the joy and sorrow of first loves. "
Jessica Padilla Bowen, librarian

"I found the book compelling and beautifully written and I really missed the characters after it was over..."
Jonathan Widran, journalist

" I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading FourEver Friends and what a great job you did!"
Eveline Maedel, writer and poet

"I was touched by your story in so many ways...especially knowing that all Jessica's experiences were most likely your own. What a rich adolescence! I enjoyed every paragraph. You made me realize how much I'd missed growing up....and I value the adolescence you share. Keep up the outstanding writing. I'm looking forward to the next sequel."
Ellen Nemiroff, screenwriter

"Congratulations on your novel. I think it was well done and it certainly reflected many of my experiences at CT four or five years earlier."
Art Lieb, colleague

"Your wonderful insights into the bookish, talented girls' growing-up pains is really very psychologically sound.   Where were you when I needed you???"
Shirley Weaver, musician

"I love the way you capture the true innocence and thrill of being a teen back then. You have truly captured the spirit and intensity of our school and that era. I am spacing the reading out, I don't want it to be over! Thanks for such a magical trip down the back corridors."
Mavi Keane, reader

"You really capture the passion and angst we all felt during that era. What a fun read! "
Patricia Terry-Ross, former Harp & Vocal Director, Cass Tech

"GREAT job!!! It was a FUN and enjoyable read!!!!! Certain that this book will be a huge hit among females of all ages!"
Pamela Bostwick, reader

"Fourever great reading!...I love it. Very well drawn characters, a beautiful capturing of adolescence, first love, family issues and especially the religious thing is handled so well... you seem very close to the material and these were characters I came to really like as my own friends. I also enjoy the backdrop of have a nice easy style and it's great to read."
Jonathan Widran, Journalist, LA

"A great new story of teenage angst"
Mark Stuart Ellison, author

"Erica Miner's expansive experience as an eminent journaler and diarist come through loud and clear in this nostalgic--and up to date!--look at what it is to be young again."
Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author


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