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Erica Miner

Author, Screenwriter, Journalist, Lecturer

Erica Miner has a passion for writing! In a series of interviews and articles found in these web pages, she explains her writing process and how her music, poetry and journaling have reflected her own life's experiences. Her highly intuitive writing runs the gamut of genres: novels, screenplays, poetry and articles for major arts websites.

She confesses to her readers that her first two novels are based on her journals - but only the author knows for sure what is fiction and what is not!

PDF downloads of sample chapters from each of her novels, Travels With My Lovers and FourEver Friends, are available on their respective book pages.

A Quick Synopsis

Separated prematurely from her livelihood as a violinist with the Metropolitan Opera by a quirk of fate, Erica Miner turned to her lifelong love of writing as her creative outlet. Now an award-winning author and screenwriter and 'top-rated' lecturer, she is committed to inspiring her readers and fans to think creatively.

Latest news flash! DEATH BY OPERA, Erica's sequel to Murder In Pit, will be released on May 15 2018 by Twilight Times Books! Watch for more news on these pages.

News flash! Murder In The Pit has made the
bestseller list at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore

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News flash! Erica's author page is now up at Amazon.com: Erica Miner Books


"‘Death by Opera is a peek behind the curtain of a world-renown opera company, with plenty of mayhem on the bill. Rich spirituality, sumptuous history, and metaphysical frights give Erica Miner’s new novel many layers to enjoy. But it’s the music that steals the show. Amateur sleuth Julia Kogan, now summer concertmaster at Santa Fe’s famous opera company, returns (after Murder in the Pit), and finds herself smack in the middle of a veritable killing spree backstage. An engaging, clever mystery set against bloody arias and deadly recitativo.’"
James Ziskin, Award-winning author

"Erica Miner is the Agatha Christie of the opera world. More than a romp for opera buffs, 'Death By Opera' is a wickedly wonderful, fast-paced thriller: a historically informative and illuminating ‘whodunit’ interweaving ancient legends, ghost stories, and present-day jealousies into a murder mystery of taut suspense playing out at Santa Fe’s world-renowned summer opera festival."
Richard Stilwell, Metropolitan Opera star

"WOW-You need to change your name to Erica Major! 'Death by Opera' is amazing, chilling, fascinating, inspiring, and reflects so much knowledge and research. Thank you, Erica. Keep writing!!"
Patricia Daly-Lipe, author

"‘I love your writing. Beautiful, easy flow. I didn’t want it to end. Operagoers from all around the world are sure to be thrilled with your book.’"
Sonette Bales, Giving Director, San Diego Opera

"A quick and absorbing read, for sure, especially when you’re quoting all the haunts of the Opera House I know so well, and of course Santa Fe itself and the mountains."
Edward Alley, conductor

"Quite a fun trip through Santa Fe and backstage at the Opera with a sweet interlude and subplot at Radiance. Many cool moments to go with rich characters and clever dialogue. Wonderful. You deserve big success with Death by Opera and mysteries to come."
Rob Dean, Searchlight New Mexico

"Having just enjoyed 3 of your reviews and articles, I am enthralled with your expressive, catchy writing and your resource of in-depth musical knowledge. Very impressive, Erica!"
Carol Worthey, composer

"Erica's marvelous lectures on opera take us behind the famous Met 'Golden Curtain' for a look at what really goes on in this intriguing, mad and most demanding world of any art form. Erica leaves the audience always wanting to hear more. Don’t miss any chance to hear her lectures. Whether you’re a seasoned opera lover or a newcomer, she is the very best at what she does. Brava, Erica!"
Ron Della Chiesa, broadcast host, Boston Symphony Orchestra

"'Book signing with the illustrious Erica Miner. Delightful. Engaging. Intriguing. Now home to begin the book. Murder at the opera - perfect.'"
Risë Walter, San Diego Opera

"The best classical music journalist on the planet - Erica Miner."
Jim Boydston, San Diego Opera

"I appreciate reading music reviews from someone who actually knows music and can talk about something more than a missed note or two!"
Charlotte Donady Dinwiddie, musician

"Your informative and thoughtful presentation to the Wagner Society of Southern California in San Diego was simply outstanding. Your ability to stand in front of the attendees and deliver an extremely well organized and interesting presentation without notes held the audience glued to your every word. Your personal experiences as a first violinist in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra playing Wagner’s demanding operatic works, plus your humor and candor both in the presentation and in answering questions, added significantly to the personal connection you were able to establish with the Wagner aficionados, many of whom have in-depth knowledge of Wagner’s music and Wagner the man. Great job!!"
Larry Hunt, Wagner Society of Southern California

"Erica, I was so glad to get to hear you live – you were terrific! You are a beautiful and welcoming performer/lecturer. You have the ability to weave your knowledge/information into your interesting rich stories, which of course pulls the audience right into the palm of your hand. Your audience today was stimulated, engaged – and left as I did, knowing more about opera and its history."
Maggie Marshall, author and lecturer

"I want to thank you for the generosity of spirit shown Monday night... (you) presented a clear and content-rich message, and you were very well received, as I'm sure you know. I'm sure that you could tell that the audience was WITH you the whole time."
Gary Young, Director of Professional Development, IWOSC

"The Mystery panel was terrific! You did a great job in selecting the authors. Each one was delightful, clever, knowledgeable and very generous with information."
Flo Selfman, President, Independent Writers of Southern CA

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation today. You were most impressive, speaking fluently, without any notes. I enjoyed your theme of family chaos and the wonderful musical examples you used to support it. You also asked engaging questions of your listeners."
Eileen Wingard, violinist

"Thank you for giving us a GREAT show. I was very impressed!
John T. Wills, Blog Talk Radio talk show host

"Erica is compelling and honest. Her main objective is to help others bounce back after life's challenges and setbacks. Our audience was spellbound by her personal story and fascinating novel."
Monica Pierre, WQUE FM,
New Orleans

"Thanks for being my guest last night... I thought it was fun and an interesting subject for women. I would love to have you back on again!"
Lee Mirabal, WSRadio.com

"Erica Miner is the Agatha Christie of the opera world. More than a romp for opera buffs, Death By Opera is a wickedly wonderful, fast-paced thriller." ~ Richard Stilwell, Metropolitan Opera star

Death By Opera

DEATH BY OPERA is even better than death by chocolate! ~ Gary Kendall, musician & writer

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